How We're Helping

Sam’s Spoons Foundation was created in 2018 to help defray the out of pocket expenses incurred by families affected by chronic medical conditions from Lyme disease and co-infections. Chronic Lyme Disease is not only difficult to manage, but it means that people are left 100% financially responsible for their treatment. This nonprofit organization is focused on helping those in need financially, while working with other nonprofit organizations to raise awareness, provide educational outreach efforts for youth and their families, instill the importance of prevention, and push important policies around tick bites and Lyme disease in Pennsylvania. 

Curious to know why “Spoons”? The spoon theory is a metaphor used to explain the lack of energy a person has to complete a simple daily task (like showering or house hold duties or making a meal) due to chronic illness/disease like Lyme and contributing illnesses.

Thank You

Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. 

We couldn’t accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 

Your thoughtful donation makes this critical work possible. 


Who We Are


Check out Sam’s Story

(Video shot in 2018. Sam graduated from Penn State University in May 2020, with a double major in Biological Sciences/PreMed and Spanish. Sam is currently taking a gap year in Costa Rica, riding out the pandemic before furthering her education… and by riding, she’s now taken up surfing!)


Sam’s “Food is Medicine” Journey

(Video shot in 2018. Sam continues to follow a very healthy diet, leaning more towards plant based. She loves to cook and create new recipes.)


See how yoga helped Sam during her healing journey.

(Video shot in 2018. Sam has continued her practice, teaching  classes for Penn State University and privately post graduation. In March 2021 she will further her yoga education by obtaining her 500 Hour training in Costa Rica.)

To learn more about Sam’s yoga journey, follow her Instagram pages:



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